Grow your food business with D’Chibug

Are you a merchant who is uncertain to open a food business because of the pandemic?

You are not alone.

Many Chefs, Farmers and Business owners hesitated to start as well, but eventually established and embraced the new normal of selling through e-commerce. Electronic commerce or online shopping has offered the greatest convenience for both food merchants and consumers. This helped a lot of stores cope up with the present crisis through the concept of online food marketplace like D’Chibug.

D’Chibug aims to help independent food seller, local farmers, retailers, chefs and business owners reach larger audience and generate profits. We envision the following as you register your stores with us:

  • Upscale & transform your business from small vendor to a major food enterprise
  • Provide you with necessary tools and case studies to help you improve and be on top
  • Help develop and promote your products in the market
  • Map out entire step by step procedure you need to follow to meet your business goals
  • Equip you with right marketing strategies to channel your potential customers base from supermarkets and grocery stores onto your platform

Learn more about D’Chibug’s strategies that could help you launch and grow your store by signing up as one of our sellers today.

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