• Neapolitan Inspired Pizzas

    24-48 hr. fermented dough using premium ingredients. Handmade. Oven-baked in high temperature to get the right amount of char. Topped with the freshest ingredients. Real Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, Italian tomatoes and home made sauces. 9” approximately per pizza.


    Garlic and Cheese                         499.00

    Tomato Basil                                 499.00

    Quattro Formaggi                        599.00

    Spinach and Artichoke                 599.00

    Shrimp Scampi                             599.00

    Truffle and Mushroom                599.00

    Guanciale and Beef                      599.00

    Sausage and Onions                     599.00

    Sisig                                                  599.00

    Chicken & Chorizo                        599.00