• Gourmet Sausages

    Lasap Kitchenette’s Gourmet Sausages. Available in two kinds, fresh and cured sausages. Fresh sausages are in raw state, no heat applied, while cured sausages are either air or heat cured which makes them completely edible and safe to eat.

    Only freshly ground meat from either Pork, Beef or Chicken and natural hog casing are used. To guarantee that all sausages are free from off-cuts (bones, skin and sinews)  of meat, readily available ground meat from groceries or markets are never used. Meats are sourced from neighbourhood butchers, ensuring they are disease free and clean. No additives, extenders, msg, and chemical preservatives are used.

    Taste the difference of Lasap’s Gourmet sausages.


    Fresh Sausages

    • Italian Salsiccia – choice of pork or chicken flavored with fennel.
    • Herbed Italian – pork and Italian herbs
    • Polish Kielbasa – pork flavored with mustard and spices
    • German Bratwurst – pork and beef mix flavored with caraway seeds
    • Hungarian Kolbasz – pork and beef mix flavored with paprika and spices
    • Spanish Garlic, Peppercorn and Vinegar – pork similar to our very own Vigan longanisa.
    • English Linconshire – pork commonly known as English Bangers.
    • Mexican Chorizo – pork flavored with Ancho and Pisilla Chillis
    • Texas Jalapeno and Cheese – pork flavored with pickled Jalapenos and Cheese.

    Cured Sausages:

    • Spanish Chorizo – cured pork sausages flavored with smoked pimenton de la vera
    • Pepperoni – American variety of salami, pork and beef flavored with paprika and chilli peppers.

    Gourmet Sausages