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Why Sell with Us?

Are you an independent food seller, local farmer, retailer, or own a tiny grocery shop that sells top-notch ingredients and healthy food items but still fails to generate enough profits? Now is the perfect time to join us.

DChibug feels for family-owned local businesses and small enterprises. Thanks to loyal customers on our platform, we offer you the potential you need to grow your business. We are always up and ready to support you with the right tools, strategies, and proven coaching techniques. Join us now.

We can help you upscale and transform your business from a small vendor to a major food enterprise through efficient training courses with successful entrepreneurs.
We are adequately equipped to provide you with all the necessary tools and case studies you require to be at the top.
We are ready to invest our resources to help develop and promote your products in the market and reach a larger audience.
Using advanced software and information gathering techniques, we map out the entire step-by-step procedure you need to follow to meet your business goals.
We equip you with the right marketing strategies you need to channel your potential customer base from supermarkets and grocery stores onto your platform.

How to Start Selling on DChibug?

You can create your online shop on our platform in three simple steps.


Register as a seller

Register yourself as a vendor on our site by filling out a form available on the site.


Create Store

Create your store and list your products using the tips and tricks we provide you, including some basic SEO knowledge.


Start Earning

Start earning right away.


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